Andreas Frei, Feature Film Sound Designer
"Would I find the right voice for our film translation project? I really was in doubt.
Then I found Zane. His voice fit perfectly to the original character.
He really surprised me with his professional attitude, ease of communication and speed of work. He certainly has a bright future in the voice actor business.  We will keep in touch."
Jessica Moat, Author
"Working with Zane was exactly how an author wants to deal with a narrator. I've used seven narrators in my short history as an author. Zane was prompt with replying, rapid with his production, and required zero hand-holding. I unleashed him on my project and with gusto he tirelessly produced a quality product in a short amount of time.... Fret not. If you utilize Zane as your narrator, you can do so knowing he is the right producer for the job. Will I use Zane again? I certainly will."

Lauren M. Deville, Author
"Zane was a delight to work with. Very professional, VERY fast and efficient, and the work he produces is exactly what I had in mind! I would absolutely recommend him!"

Dawn Music, Author
"If you are ever in the market for a voice over expert, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Zane! He delivers Fast, and Flawlessly. He is a must on your short list of auditions. GIVE ZANE A CALL!

YouTube Reviewer
"This is... VanWicklyn's debut as [Arnold Shortman from "Hey Arnold!"]... serving as Arnold's seventh voice actor overall. He does a really good job capturing his kindhearted, level-headed personality."